Keynote Presenters

Vinny Tafuro Founder, Institute for Economic Evolution

Tony Selvaggio
Founder, eSmart Recycling

 Vinny is a pioneering advocate for the twenty-first century economy that is disrupting society’s most rigid institutions and beliefs. His economic theories explore the societal and economic shifts being catalyzed by corporations as a result of technology, corporate personhood, and evolving human cognition.   

Tony Selvaggio, Founder eSmart Recycling

Tony Selvaggio
Founder, eSmart Recycling

   Tony is an award-winning social entrepreneur who turned an old laptop into a thriving company that has helped empower thousands of children worldwide through technology. Tony went from reselling candy treats at age 6, starting his first company at 16 in his hometown in Venezuela, to founding a do-good business venture with retail locations in South America. Tony has the right combination of academia and hard-knocks empirical experience, and one of his strongest competitive advantages is to be able to leverage his diverse background to think and deal in multiple cross-cultural scenarios. He has a passionate desire to always keep learning, challenge the status-quo, and elevate those around him. Tony is a millennial with a friendly face loved by the media and always with a powerful story to tell.   

Session Presenters

Brenda Zofrea


 Educator and child safety expert, Brenda Zofrea, has been providing prevention education that works to thousands of parents, teachers and children for over 20 years.  Her award-winning LET'S B SAFE™ Program provides busy parents with the knowledge and tools they need to help protect their children while promoting literacy all at the same time!  LET'S B SAFE™ Programs are customized to meet your need for information that will help keep your children safe when you're with them and when you're not. 

Cavi Velasquez


 Cavi Velasquez is the founder of Cavi Media, a Visual Design Consultancy that helps corporate clients, business owners, sales executives and marketing leaders to bring ideas to life, producing high-quality, engaging multi-media presentations and infographics. Cavi is an architect by profession. She has 10 years of experience in data visualization, presentation development, branding development, and infographic design. She successfully works with English and Hispanic multicultural segments, media, and customer data customizing visual presentations to fit a variety of audiences. 

Leon Sabarsky


 Leon Sabarsky excels at building high performing software development teams ‎for all types of organizations. He has 20 years of IT experience and has been an Agilist for the past 10 years, primarily in the health care and government sectors.  He initiated the first Agile transition at WellCare in Tampa, FL, forming the first Scrum teams and hiring Scrum Masters and Coaches. He is a frequent speaker at Healthcare, Pega and Agile/Scrum conferences and has many certifications with many letters. He is passionate about educating executives to unlock the power of self-organized teams to deliver value to the business rapidly and with high quality. He formed Healthy Agile in 2016. 

Todd Fulmino & Emily Laux



Sara MacQueen


 Sara MacQueen is the founder and Technical Project Manager at Big Fish - an app design and development studio in Tampa, Florida. She was named one of "25 Mobile Women to Watch" and has been interviewed by local and national media for her expertise in mobile technology and business. 

Phil Zofrea


 Phil owned his own IT Consulting company for 14 years and has also been an IT Director at larger companies such as the New York Times, Tech Data and Kforce. He firmly believes in the iterative approach to building products, team empowerment, the growth mindset and continuous learning.  He is a certified instructor in Management, IT and Agile and has been a speaker/presenter at many companies and national events.  His interactive style to learning is really enjoyed by all. 

Beth Galambos


 Beth Galambos is a product gal who gets giddy about thorough user research, air-tight strategy and building technologies that make life more awesome. A Certified Scrum Product Owner, Beth led scrum teams at two organizations, and is now working as a User Experience (UX) researcher with Regions Bank, where she studies consumer behavior and coaches product owners in strategic decision making based on user feedback. She is also the co-organizer of Tampa Bay UX, one of the largest UX communities of practice in Florida with nearly 1,000 members, that fosters a cross-functional network of professionals dedicated to putting users at the center of product strategy and design, as well as educating the community on the value of the UX discipline.  

Lexy Kasan


Data Scientist & Product Owner of Customer Intelligence for Retail at CCG Analytics. She is the host of the Podcast DataTalk, available on, which explores topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, data visualizations, data ethics, data philanthropy, and much more. In addition to data science, Lexy is a general advocate for math and stats to anyone who will listen. 

Neil Cosentino

Neil Consentino

Professional in Aerospace & Aviation. 

USC L.A. aviation safety management program. 

FAA CFI  flight instructor, pilot, instruments & multiengine, airline pilot rated,

commercial helicopter and glider & seaplanes, 6,000 flight hours in 

USAF B-47, KC-135, F-4E  & other aircraft, owned Air Treasure Cay, CEO of FASTA USA. 

Nichelle Jerido


 Nichelle Jerido is a blend of the creative and the technical with a passion for research. She worked for 15 years in the financial services industry and recently transitioned to the beauty industry. She is currently a product manager at SalonCentric, a subsidiary of L'Oreal USA, and speaks on UX and Design Thinking. 

Dave rooks


 As the owner of Rooks Advertising it is David's mission to help drive massive amounts of qualified traffic to the businesses that rely on our services. We do this through whatever means deliver the most cost effective results. This could be through Traditional Media such as; Newspapers, Magazines, Direct mail, TV or Radio or it could be Digital Media such as; Websites or Social Media. Everything is monitored and measured allowing us to implement adaptive strategies to help our clients get the best value for their advertising dollar. 

Veronica Stewart


Veronica Stewart is an agile coach and trainer who helps organizations through agile transformations. She believes transformation starts with the people. Change never stops, it just gets easier the more you practice it. Everyone has potential, its learning how to unlock that potential through better understanding your strengths and how you can contribute to make an impact. Once the individual understands themselves; then they have the insight to create impactful teams and organizations that drive change. 



 Adam Keller is a product of the Philly Burbs, received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, went to work as a Photographer post-college, and was a real-life Starving Artist (since becoming the starting 3rd Baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies didn’t work out). He still has a passion for the Photo Arts, and Steve McCurry is still his favorite. You should look him up...  In the early 2000’s, Adam made the switch from the Arts to Software simply with finances in mind (he likes to eat), and sort of by accident – the old “right place at the right time” notion. He has now been working in and around app dev for nearly 15 years, and about half of that span was simply to collect a paycheck and earn a living.  Then he found Agile.  Agile at its core aligned with Adam's innermost core values. Agile is about teamwork. The focus is on investing time on the most important things. It is about reflection and taking a deep look at ourselves. It is about feedback, and making critical changes to make sure we do the next right thing. Agile is Adam's passion.  Adam is now the Sr. Technical Project & Product Manager at Venuetize, and works closely with some intense personalities (stakeholders in the Professional Sports arena) to deliver software that helps his user's experience with spaces, cities, and venues more personal, and enjoyable. Adam loves working with others, whether at an MLB ballpark, or at #ProductCamp! 

Brendan & Shannon


 Dr. Shannon Bailey earned her Ph.D. in Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Central Florida (UCF), and has over 10 years of experience developing training simulations and educational games. Her research examines effective instructional techniques in adaptive training, game-based simulations, virtual reality, and natural user interfaces. This research has resulted in peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Human Factors and Cognitive Processing. In 2016, Dr Bailey received the RADM Lewis Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education award.  

Brendan Ciccone is the UI/UX Designer at Immertec, creating user interfaces for the innovative VR training technology. He has a deep interest in music and a love for design. He has worked with a variety of organizations in the fields of user interface design, user experience design, user research, web design, and marketing. His work has been featured in major publications, such as Billboard Magazine. One of his most notable projects was for the city of Haverhill, Massachusetts where he created a business portal that provides entrepreneurs with quick access to the resources they need. Outside of Immertec, Brendan runs and instructs the official meetup group for Sketch in Tampa Bay and still performs and produces music.  

Rob Vanasco


Rob Vanasco is currently a User Experience Researcher at Regions Bank. Rob has been down many paths in his career. He spent way too many years wasting away in a cubicle. In mid-2014, he was laid-off and took time to try to figure out what direction his career should go. Shortly after returning to full-time work, he discovered User Experience Design. The idea that one could leave their cubicle to explore user-needs and in so doing, potentially improve the quality of life for others was very appealing to him. He has been practicing UX for 5 years now, still learning, still growing, still wondering what else is out there to explore.  Rob is a member of the Tampa Bay UX Meetup and the Design St. Pete Meetup. He also coordinated and led World IA Day Tampa Bay in 2017.  In his free time, Rob enjoys taking pictures around St. Pete, hanging out with his son, and running by the water on Coffee Pot Blvd. You can also find him trying out any number of locally owned restaurants in St. Pete.


Keiser University

 For 40 years, Keiser University has been a talent development leader providing over 100 doctoral through associate degrees in workforce shortage areas in Florida’s targeted industries including the life sciences such as nursing and physician’s assistant; information technology and management information systems; logistics and distribution; and homeland security with degrees in cyber forensics and information security. Regionally accredited at Level VI by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, KU is Florida’s third largest private, not-for-profit university. The university has a “students first” philosophy, which combines soft skills, leadership preparation, financial literacy, student support services including tutoring, writing and math labs, monitored learning gains, and convenient scheduling options for working adults to attend day, evening, and/or a hybrid combination of online classes. 

Location:  Keiser University’s Tampa Campus is located at 5002 W. Waters Avenue with free on-site parking.