Keynote - What would you do if you could do anything?

Vinny Tafuro Founder, Institute for Economic EvolutioN

Tony Selvaggio
Founder, eSmart Recycling

Tony Selvaggio, Founder, eSmart Recycling

Tony Selvaggio
Founder, eSmart Recycling


Here are some presentations shaping up for 

PCamp Gulf Coast 2019! #BuildCoolStuff

2019 Product Camp Gulf Coast Schedule

You can review the 2019 Schedule, below. There will be printed programs at the event. There will be additional write-in sessions the day of the event as well! 

Speaker Sessions

Brenda Zofrea


Self Publishing 

by  the owner of  Let's-B-Safe 

 You know you have knowledge or a story to share...a great book just waiting to be published! You too can turn your passion into profits with self-publishing. Brenda will share why she turned down a contract to be a traditionally published author, chose to self-publish instead, what she learned along the way and how easy it is to get your book published NOW! 

Cavi Velasquez


 Create Powerful Visual Pitch Presentations

by the Founder of Cavi Media 

 Creating persuasive visual presentations can help you to increase target audience comprehension andparticipation, leading to improved desired action. This workshop session will equip you with basic tools to understand and learn how to create professional pitch presentations for your business that get results. In this session, Cavi will help participants identify challenges in creating an effective presentation, qualities of a good visual presentation, and the truth behind the presentations.   

Leon Sabarsky


Validating Assumptions with Prototyping

by  President of Healthy Agile

 Ever build something nobody wanted?  Ever get feedback too late?  Rapid Prototyping can help! Rapid Prototyping is an iterative process used to visualize what a website or an application will look like in order to get feedback and validation from users, stakeholders, developers, and designers.

Todd Fulmino & Emily Laux


 7 things holding back your Product 

by the Mad Mobile Product Team

 How to do it right from the company who's been there - Mad Mobile, a Tampa-based Product company and founder of Concierge, a point of sale app used by industry leaders in retail and apparel.  

Sara MacQueen


Take the Helm of Your Technical Debt

by the founder of Big Fish

Do you have a technical debt strategy? Join this session to start taking control of your technical debt!

Sara and experts from Big Fish will also be leading an interactive, problem-solving session called Lean Coffee. Participants gather into small groups, create a list of discussion topics and begin discussing their product issues. This session will be facilitated by product experts from Big Fish.

Phil Zofrea


 Delegation Poker 

by  an industry expert Agile Coach and Software Development Leader

 Whether you’re a new Start-Up or a Team within a big company, empowerment and making decisions “where the information is” will result in better efficacy and success. But in most cases, we can’t just start out with full delegation.  What should be delegated and when?  What shouldn’t be delegated?  Why?  What levels of delegation are there?  These are some of the questions we will explore as part of a fun interactive session where we will arm you with a technique for delegation in and across teams and organizations.

Beth Galambos & Rob Vanasco


UX Expert and founder of  Tampa Bay UX Group 

Practical Research Methods

As product people, we place a lot of emphasis on 'what our users need/want,' but it’s pretty difficult to know that information without asking them. So we want to conduct user research as part of our ideation and design processes to help us decide what to make for our users and customers.But who has time for that? Good news, friends! Enough research to make the right decisions can be done in just a few days - not weeks or months. Learn about some easy methods of practical user research that can get us in touch with our users and drive our product strategy in the right direction.

Lexy Kassan


Into the Box - an Unexpected Services Journey

by Data Scientist & Product Owner of Customer Intelligence for Retail at CCG Analytics

Neil Cosentino



The Florida Institute for Entrepreneurship [FIFE] is a new Tampa Bay startup think tank established to help entrepreneurs network and be successful.  FIFE will include two think tanks under one umbrella: Camelot Florida, an open format multi-discipline think tank, and the Florida Bauhaus, a creative think tank focused on Art+Design+Technology+Spirituality+Virtuality. 

There will be a short summary of Florida think tanks and a sample of many of the ongoing FIFE projects that include: The National Public eNewspapers, The Federal & Air & Surface Transportation Alliance [ FASTA ]. FASTA was created to promote the SATS air mobility system. 

Nichelle Jerido


Design Thinking: A Method for User Focused Problem Solving 

 A successful product is one that customers love, clients are proud to launch and product teams are excited to build. Understanding user experience disciplines and applying design thinking within organizations can inspire creativity and encourage diverse thought. Join us for this interactive, hands-on workshop led by Nichelle Jerido, Product Manager, as she guides us through the design thinking process and provides us all with tips on how to utilize these principles in our daily roles. 

DAVID rooks

David Rooks

Understanding Digital Marketing

David’s presentation will focus on removing the mystery of digital and social media marketing through the simplified explanation of current industry concepts and platforms. Using “common-speak” and everyday terms, he will transform intricate ideas into clarified and easily-understood summaries that can ultimately push your business forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google ads, search engine optimization, and social media advertising and management, then this is an excellent opportunity for you. David will discuss how paid Google search, display, and retargeting campaigns can drive qualified traffic to your business, as well as how social media has transformed the marketing landscape over the last decade. Throughout his talk, you will discover some of the most up-to-date social and digital tactics, allowing you to make the most of your online marketing efforts.

Adam Keller


 Do we need a Pilot or a Gardener today? (the 30,000-foot view vs. playing in the weeds)

by   Senior Technical Project & 

Product Manager  at Venuetize

 Agile Stakeholders like to live in the weeds - they have a budget to manage, and whether the Product is being built internally, or by an external firm - it is still costing them and they want to know what they are paying for. They most likely are used to working with monolithic requirements where everything is spelled out in advance. However, thinking of everything ahead of time can get us into trouble later. There is a time and place to get in the weeds, but it is also imperative we approach our Roadmaps from a 30,000-foot view. Join this session to learn how to employ the right elevation when shaping a new Product with Stakeholders. 

Veronica Stewart


 Transform the Future! Find Your Game Changers 

by the founder of Ingenious Agile
Game Changers are individuals who ensure businesses do more than just survive; they have the unique ability to see around corners in ways that most of us cannot. How do we find them? It's not through personality profiles. It is through organimetrics; a measurement framework and language that identifies individual and collective impact and how people contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.  



Virtual Reality: Product Design Challenges & Solutions by Immertec

 When new technologies emerge, new challenges arise too. Building a product and bringing it to market in a new industry does not yield answers easily found on a search engine. Virtual reality is a fresh medium lacking many of the standards that other technologies like websites have. Shannon Bailey, Ph.D. and Brendan Ciccone both work for Immertec, an award-winning VR startup in Tampa, Florida. Their company provides real-time VR training software for medical device companies. They will cover the challenges they faced and the solutions they discovered concerning design, prototyping, research, and marketing. 

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Anjali Leon - Join Anjali for an audacious conversation around the new purpose of corporations and how might that influence the products and service we create and what new questions we should be asking.